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Filtered Through Time

Commemorating the sesquicentennial of the war between the states, look for Filtered Through Time (ISBN-10: 1937763633 or ISBN-13: 978-1937763633) on regional and county bookshelves (e.g. Landmark Booksellers) and at amazon.com. The anthology considers how that historic conflict has rippled into the present and includes works by many local authors. Dave's short story entitled Spirits of Remembrance takes a view askance of what you might expect.

A Trip Through the Wayback Machine

Network and Information Technology geeks will understand: Long, long ago, there was no automation to help plan and identfy TCP/IP networks. Then, in 1994, there was the TCP/IP Subnet Assistant for Windows. The first of it's kind, use of this application spread around the globe. Amazingly, IPv4 still dominates public space thanks to RFC1918. Some of you gray hairs may have used the assistant in TCP/IP training classes and beyond. Since then, it has been imitated and improved upon by others. There are better web-based products, to be sure, but, it started with Dave.



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