About This Place

This site introduces the work of David B. (Dave) Stewart. Originally launched in January of 2001 as a baseline for an independent consulting effort, dswrite.com now serves as an alternative viewport into Dave's background and creative works.

This site uses CSS and HTML without scripting. There's just no need for the extra overhead. Scripting samples may be created at a later date.

Document samples from the old dswrite.com pages have also been removed. Like scripting, some of them may return at a later date.

As a manager, project manager, engineer, and developer, Dave has developed written and oral communication skills with a variety of technical and non-technical customers and end-users. That group includes executives, military personnel, factory workers, medical professionals, managers, engineers, technicians, scientists, vendors/sales staff, and the public. He is experienced with international customers, both English and non-English speakers (via interpreters).

Dave is a registered Engineer Intern (EI) in Oklahoma and is ITIL® Foundation certified. He formerly held a CCNA® certification from Cisco Systems. His professional experience includes network engineering, project management, system administration, technical staff management, software development (Windows, UNIX, and others), training and documentation.

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